Rockstar Fitness Home

Rockstar Fitness Home

Eric has been great to work with. He has kept me motivated and has helped me focus on toning exercises suited for an expecting mother.

Starting at a size 12 I never thought I could be a size 4 again much less in only 3 months! read more....

every client is treated like a rockstar!

Personalized training custom tailored to your needs and goals focusing on an innovative explosive High Octane Pilates style mixed in with Plyometric and Aerobic style programs. We don''t use machines and focus mostly on cardiovascular exercises with emphasis on Flexibility, Core Strength and Lower Body Workouts that use less weights and more body resistance.

We understand that no two people are built exactly the same, neither are their physical needs or goals. Rockstar Fitness optimizes each client''s program workout for different stages in life as well as takes into account

any physical concerns. We believe in a training technique called muscle confusion, where we update the programs on a regular basis to give you a new challenge and not let the muscles get complacent in your program doing the same thing for weeks or months at a time.


Individual sessions with No Obligations & No Contract ... Call for pricing(note:

sessions are typically one hour long)

Standard monthly training - (4 sessions) ... Call for pricing

Weight Loss Boot Camp - 3 month (24 sessions) package ... Call for pricing

*we can travel and can accommodate groups. *(special restrictions & group rate apply)